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Transhumanists are focusing on the fusion of humans and technology. The results seem adventurous - but they follow a long tradition.


Transhumanism is a philosophical school of thought that seeks to extend the limits of human capabilities, whether intellectual, physical, or psychological, through the use of technological processes. The interests and values of humanity are seen as a "commitment to progress"


This international movement and school of thought seeks ways to change and overcome human biological limitations through the use of technology and science.


As long as the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has existed, there has also been the fear of it: the fear that humanity could first be surpassed and then wiped out by something of its own making. Renowned scientists such as Hugo de Garis and Stephen Hawking warn that the development of a complete AI could mean the end of the human species. Ray Kurzweil, a pioneer in AI research and an advocate of transhumanism, takes a very different view: according to him, we will reach the moment of the singularity - the moment when AI will have developed to such an extent that it will merge completely with human intelligence - in the near future. This is precisely what transhumanism builds on


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